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The Beautiful Side of Grief

May 31, 2023

Are you a hot emotional mess?


You know when you feel EVERYTHING - your brain goes into overdrive, and when you feel pain it's unnaturally intense, and the struggles you face seem to be on another level compared to others.


Well I've got a guest today who I hope is going to help you make sense of all this and let...

May 17, 2023

When you get married you are thinking of the foreverness of it all - a life with your partner by your side, someone you can confide in and who has your back, exciting times a head, a home, a family, the feeling that this is what life is all about. For some though, this dream is cut short.


Jen Zwinck will never...

May 3, 2023

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Lodal, a former Hewlett Packard engineer for 32 years and self-confessed problem solver, on what he discovered following the death of his adored wife, Pam, to cancer. Used to thinking analytically and logically, he was unprepared for his world imploding and the storm of emotions...

Apr 19, 2023

Note - this episode does mention suicide (though with the most wonderful outcome!). Listener discretion is advised, and please ensure you are well-supported on your grief journey.


First off he shouldn't even be here.

He has a rare genetic disease that wasn't diagnosed for years and years. Seriously, he was 36...

Apr 5, 2023

I would like to let you know that this episode deals with suicide. This may be sensitive and triggering topic for some so please use your discretion and ensure you are well supported.


It must rate as one of life's most distressing situations - having a loved child take their own life. This is what happened to...